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Donate To A Fund

Affiliate Unrestricted Funds
  Donate Charles A. and Jean K. Gottfried Community Fund
  Donate Wyandot Baptist Church Fund
Designated Funds
  Donate Cecille E. and Marilyn J. Bowen Fund for the Wyandot County Board of Developmental Disabilities
  Donate James W. Geary and Linda L. Geary Endowment Fund for Upper Sandusky Parks and Urban Forestry
  Donate Martha Stephan Weaver Fund
Donor Advised Funds
  Donate Charles H. & Sharon F. McCarthy Family Fund
Donor Advised Growth Funds
  Donate Dwain and Marilyn Sayre Fund
  Donate Fred and Naomi Reid Charitable Fund
  Donate Patricia A. and Harold "Herk" Wolfe Fund
Main Affiliate Foundation Funds
  Donate Wyandot County Community Foundation Endowment Fund
Organization Agency Endowment Funds
  Donate Angeline Endowment Fund
  Donate Upper Sandusky School District Endowment Fund
Scholarship - External Funds
  Donate Agnes Lutz Scholarship Fund
  Donate Andy Koehler Medical Scholarship Fund
  Donate Christina L. Minehart Scholarship Fund
  Donate Dwain Sayre Agricultural Honor Scholarship Fund
To provide annual educational awards for graduates of Mohawk High School, Sycamore, OH pursuing a degree in the fields of food, agriculture or environmental sciences.
  Donate Goodman Scholastic Award Fund for Upper Sandusky High School
  Donate Martha Stephan Weaver and Rita Stephan Stangby Fund
  Donate Reverend Charles C. Steward Scholarship Fund
  Donate R.G.A. Goodman Scholastic Award Fund
  Donate Robert P. Lee Memorial Scholarship Fund
Scholarships - Internal Funds
  Donate Charles and Jean Gottfried Scholarship